Test environment to simulate the payment flow with test data

The sandbox environment will allow testing the end to end flows with fake money movement.


Sign up and follow the steps on this environment, as on the Online Payment guide, with the below base URLs.


Authentication token should be generated for the sandbox environment. Generate the API key and secret from the dashboard on the sandbox mode.

Sample request

curl -u <api_key>:<api_secret> \
  -XPOST https://auth-sandbox.swifterhq.com/oauth2/token \
  -F grant_type=client_credentials

Use the access_token as the bearer token in the subsequent API calls, by setting in the Authorization header.

Server URL

The base URL for the APIs on the sandbox environment is

Initiating payment flow

Import the below JS dependency and initialize the library.

const sp = new SwifterPay();
const init = function() {
          "sessionID": "<sessionID>",
          "env": "sandbox"

Bank credentials

Use the below credentials to simulate bank account linking, by selecting any financial institution. To simulate more test scenarios, use the Plaid test credentials.

TypeUser Login NameUser PasswordCredentials
Pinuser_goodpass_goodcredential_good (when required)
Multi-factor device OTPuser_goodpass_goodcode: 1234
Multi-factor questionsuser_goodmfa_questions_<n>_<m>
(n-rounds of m-questions per round, where 0 <= i, j < 9)
answer: answer_<i>_<j>

(j-th question in i-th round)
Multi-factor selectionsuser_goodmfa_selectionsYes