All top-level API resources have support for bulk fetches via "list" API methods. For instance, List Sessions, List Orders, and List Charges. These list API methods share a common structure, taking at least these two parameters: limit and key.

The list APIs will respond to an initial request with the first page of results, and provide a next_key within the response if additional pages of results are available. Subsequent responses will also contain a prev_key to query items from the previous page. To receive all results, this process can be repeated until no next_key is included in the response.

Request parameters

limitNumber of items to be fetched
keyA cursor for use in pagination, can be the prev_key or next_key. key is an object ID that defines your place in the list. For instance, if you make a list request and receive 20 objects, ending with obj_foo, your subsequent call can include key=obj_foo in order to fetch the next page of the list

Response format

total_countNumber of all the items present
prev_keyCursor for the previous page
next_keyCursor for the next page
itemsArray of items, paginated by any request parameters
    "total_count": 1668,
    "prev_key": null,
    "items": [
            "id": "sess_R8FNUtuXC7vnBrhkdLvqLq",
            "create_date": "2023-03-10T02:59:39.141507+00:00",
            "status": "started",
            "organization_id": "org_3bysdyt7dvBrZK7kRGQBRg",
            "type": "consumer_checkout",
            "total_amount": 3300,
            "is_valid_consumer": false,
            "is_valid_bank_account_selected": false,
            "is_sufficient_funds": false,
            "consent_text": "I authorize Swifter to debit my bank account and save my authorization for future use with Swifter.",
            "fees": 190,
            "track_number": "fey5dm",
            "marketplace_id": null,
            "order_id": null,
            "consumer_profile_id": null,
            "first_name": "User",
            "last_name": "Name",
            "email": "[email protected]",
            "phone": null
    "next_key": "W1siMjAyMy0wMy0wOFQwMDoxNDozOS4yMDI4MzArMDA6MDAiLCAic2Vzc18ySkNTYXJFQUJNTm5wSkZxQjNVc0t3Il0sIGZhbHNlXQ=="